Feb 20 - Mar 16
Halima Cassell

An exhibition of ceramics by the Pakistan born, Lancashire based ceramicist of increasing national and international renown.

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April 23rd - May 25

"If this County were a Sea."
Landscape paintings of the West Yorkshire Pennine region
by Dominic Vince.


May 22 - Aug 3rd

"Lone Voice,"
A retrospective of David Wright, veteran of the Yorkshire art scene
and a founding member of ArtsMill.

Sue Turner, Chris Bland and Jo Brown 

August 20th - September 21st.

Three female West Yorkshire based artists working within three differents disciplines; ceramics, figurative painting and landscape painting.

Chris Bland

Walking the Coast - Jo Brown

Sue Turner

"My work concerns relationships and the memories associated with them. I enjoy to use familiar, everyday, often domestic objects which have meaning for me, and re-present them in an altered or transformed way."


Three Perspectives

An Exhibition of Photographs by Yan Preston, Paul Floyd Blake

and Victoria Harley

ArtsMill Gallery

Weds 12th Nov to Sun 7th Dec

Yan Preston is an emerging photographer and artist based in North Manchester. Born in China, Preston moved to the U.K. in 2005 after working as an anaesthetist in Shanghai for several years and started a new life as a photographer. Her work often involves communities and concerns about ordinary people’s daily life. She has completed commissions for the National Portrait Gallery, the Federation of Stadium Communities and the China in Yorkshire Project in Leeds. Recently she has seen the first collection of her photo installation ’96 Lunch Boxes’ which was bought by a private collector in Leeds, a version of which will be shown in the current exhibition.

Paul Floyd Blake is a widely exhibited, Yorkshire-based photographer and winner of the LDC/Redeye award. He works with a range of clients including the Arts Council, Breaking Cycles and the Royal Exchange Theatre. In 2006 Paul's work was not only seen as part of group exhibitions in Florence, Bradford, St Helens and Leeds, but was also selected for the Pavilion Online Gallery and published at part of the Creative Review Annual. He is currently showing work from the Bradford Grid project, photographs documenting an area of Bradford selected via a random map reference, including confrontational portraits and bleak surburban landscapes which celebrate the unique character of the area.

Victoria Harley has worked on a number of projects including “Where the Wall Was,” work documenting the area where the Berlin Wall once stood, and “Industries on the Edge” which documents the decline of industry in the Yorkshire and Tyneside regions. Harley’s work captures a beauty and grandeur of this decline making moving and poetic monuments of the litter left behind.