7th February - 14th March 2010

West Yorkshire Print Workshop

A group exhibition of prints from 12 artists


Richard Wincer – Recent Work

Wednesday 7th April - Sunday 9th May

ArtsMill is proud to present this new body of abstract paintings by Richard Wincer.
Although it still retains a feeling of landscape, this work represents a completely new
departure for Wincer and has been produced over the past four years. This is the first
time the paintings have been shown.

“Artistic creation and endeavours are an attempt to penetrate the deeper levels of the soul.
The artist becomes a medium for unconscious energy and art is an attempt to represent an inner vision.”


ArtsMill’s Green Art Open

Wednesday 19th May – Sunday 20th June
        Wed-Sun 11am – 4pm

An open exhibition of work by artists based in the Yorkshire and Lancashire region,
 including painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and photography.

Coinciding with the town's Green Weekend this exhibition explores artists
environmental concerns and represents the gallery’s first themed open exhibition


Paula Rego – Recent Prints

Sunday July 4th - Sunday 15th August

Paula Rego has never shied away from confronting us with challenging images, and here
 in her late maturity, she continues to deal passionately with topics which were the scourge
 of daily life in past centuries and are  equally relevant today.

From the iniquities of the molestation,  treatment and abandonment of children in  the
seventeen hundreds as in her installation on show at the Foundling Hospital a
stones-throw from the British Museum, to her latest works dealing with human cargo,
which, among other series will be on exhibition at ArtsMill during the festival.

Paula Rego Print


Paintings by Perri Webster

Wednesday 29th Sep- Sunday 24th Oct 2010

ArtsMill are proud to present their new exhibition of paintings by Yorkshire based artist Perri Webster. Taught by Gillian Ayres and Basil Beattie, Webster is an expressive abstract painter.
This exhibition surveys her impressive progress over the past decade.

“My current practice is a combination of the physical, sensual and intellectual focus of painting.
My themes and motifs evolve through the act of painting.”


Jean-Georges Simon

Wednesday 24th Nov– Sunday 19th Dec

This retrospective brings together paintings and drawings by the Hungarian artist Jean Georges Simon (1894-1968). Simon died in relative obscurity at Harrogate, an artist of the Paris School, who chose to split the last 30 years of his life between Yorkshire and Chelsea. His work centres on the human form, townscape and still life – but
predominantly people.

Never political, always a humanist Simon’s work managed to achieve a calm, tenderness and harmony, often with humour, both during and after one of the most turbulent periods in history. His lively and characterful drawings made on the street and in bars are a vibrant record of this period in Yorkshire, London and in Europe.

An associate of Modigliani and Picasso Simon’s paintings reveal a deeply poetic mind, alert to the problems, both artistic and human, of the first half of the century and are a fascinating and original contribution to the achievements of his generation.